DO40’s 2009 Peter Gennaro Panel and performance.
Pictured here — Liza Gennaro, Carol Lawrence, Chita Rivera and Harvey Evans

You couldn’t make it to our 2007 The Women of Fosse?  A friend of Harvey Evans and can’t get enough of him? – Go to The Men of Fosse Videos!  Want more Marge Champion dish?  The Dancers and Creative Talents of Gower Champion has tons!  You’ll find them all right here, performing and storytelling their hearts out!

All you need do is type is CLICK HERE and you're in! OR, just go to and once you're there, type "dancersover40" in the search box -- and voila! You'll be in dance Heaven!

Hate to say “from the horse’s mouth,” but it’s true!  These are the Thoroughbreds of Dance!   And they will keep you crouched in front of your computer for hours!  Break out the celery and carrots!  Go wild with a non-fat free dip!  Nosh and Watch – and take notes with your free hand!  Because everything that is said in these clips is priceless! If you’re in New York City, you have the luxury of going to the Jerome Robbins Dance Collection at the Lincoln Center Library for the Arts to view the panel/performances in their entirety as DO40 has donated all the unexpurgated tapes, but if you’re cruising through cyberspace in Los Angeles (hello, Cheryl Clark, our favorite Merry Murderess!) you can now watch your fellow Fosse-ites any time you want!

The channel is broken down into a series of Playlists, first and foremost, of course being DO40’s panel and performances.  In order of their premiere, they are:

In the Company of Friends:  Dancers Talking to Dancers (our umbrella title for all of our panels)  – The Men and Women of the ‘40s and ‘50s, featuring Ann Pimm, Kaye Popp Genese, George Marcy, Stuart Hodes and moderator Harvey Evans.

The Women of Fosse, featuring Marge Beddow, Dana Moore, Penny Worth, Carolyn Kirsch, Jeanne Jones Snow, Louise Quick and moderator Harvey Evans.

The Men of Fosse, featuring Gene Foote, Dick Korthaze, Gene Gavin, Ken Urmson, Bill Guske, Harvey Evans, George Marcy, Johnny Nola and moderator Louise Quick.

The Dancers and Creative Talents of Gower Champion, featuring Lee Roy Reams, Tony Stevens, Bob Fitch, Nicole Barth, Don Perassi, Ed Kresley, Lars Rosager, Johnny Nola, Gene Bayliss, Bert Michaels, Terrie Robinson, Marge Champion, Karin Baker, Iva Withers and moderated by TV icon David Hartman. Non-dancer Carol Channing, a.k.a. Richard Skipper (see above photo), livened up the event by using DO40 members in her "production number!"

Each Playlist has clips from the panels and performance clips from each event.  You can also watch them at random by just going to the site and clicking on any of the videos.

But, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet !!!

We then have concert footage from some of our previous events (many of our events still need to be catalogued, some do not have compatible video, others are, unfortunately, lost to us), raw footage interviews of DO40 members that aired on MetroArts/Thirteen, the non-commercial cable arts channel of Thirteen/WNET back in 2000 - 2001,  and something called our "Favorites.”

The Favorites are culled from the YouTube plethora of videos; you’ll find a young Harvey Evans in APPLAUSE, Gwen doing “Whatever Lola Wants,” and the “Manson Trio” from PIPPIN.  You’ll see Gwen and Chita doing “Nowadays” and “Keep it Hot” from CHICAGO, so you can compare it to DO40 members Penny Worth and Carolyn Kirsch doing the same song and dance at our Women of Fosse panel!

We encourage participation and communication!!  Our Dancers Over 40 website, has a message board that could use a few postings!  If you’re looking to discuss the YouTube videos, have questions that you need to be answered, go there and post!  We’re never going to be “All that Chat” from, but we should be able to start – and continue -- discussions that will be both educational AND entertaining!

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As of 2011, ALL of our panels and performances, socials and awards events are now ONLY on our website, and for MEMBERS ONLY!  We really were giving away both the cow AND the milk (!!) – and it wasn’t fair to our out of state, and out of country dues paying members!  So, as an incentive to keep them in our ranks, the discount code on the back of the membership cards everyone gets is now ALSO the password to get into our MEMBER ONLY video page.  The user name is your email address you used for DO40.  So, in order to see all of our events it’s important you become a dues-paying, card-carrying member!  AND - this was a lot of work!  It takes a huge amount of man/woman-power (!) and lots of long hours to compile a video history like we have done.  It will provide you with weeks and weeks of enjoyment, entertainment and education.  And if you can’t participate fully, please still use our site(s) to comment, add information and discuss all things dance and theater. We will keep up our free youtube channel operational – but not add our new events there.   In order to continue to grow and sustain our organization, it’s important that we bring in new members who care enough about our mission to join as members!  We simply cannot do it alone!

Photo By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc