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Dancers Over 40 -
Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

The Dancers Over 40 Board of Directors hereby notifies its members, and non-member guests, that attend or participate in any of our events, meetings, or performances that we are committed to providing a respectful, collegial, and professional atmosphere free from any kind of harassment or discrimination.

Discrimination and harassment includes, but is not limited to; verbal abuse, intimidating and threatening behaviors, derogatory treatment because of an individuals’ differences, (whatever they may be, race, religion, sexual identification, etc.), physical assaults, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Any member, or non-member guest, is requested to report any such offense immediately to a Dancers Over 40 Board Member or extended staff in association with any of our events, meetings or performances, (i.e. dance studio staff, theatre staff, event staff, etc.). Be assured that you will receive prompt attention to your complaint.

Retaliation for reporting a complaint,  by the respondent (the person you state harassed or discriminated against you), and/or their associates, will not be tolerated.

Immediate and corrective action will be taken including, but not limited to; the person(s) responsible for the abuse to be immediately ejected from the event, meeting or performance; and/or being barred from their admittance to future events, meetings and performances.

If the person(s) found responsible for such abuse is a Dancers Over 40 member, their membership may be terminated immediately, and their benefits may be revoked without reimbursement of their membership dues.

If a member, or non-member guest, suffers a violent physical or sexual assault the proper legal authorities and emergency personnel will be notified immediately.

The Dancers Over 40 Board strives to foster and maintain a pleasant and harmonious environment in which to share, and relish in, our vibrantly creative, philanthropic, and artistically supportive pursuits and endeavors.

We welcome all participants who wish to share these anti-discrimination and anti-harassment goals with us.  

These discrimination and harassment guidelines were adapted from the NY State Division of Human Rights, whose complete guidelines on harassment may be found at https://dhr.ny.gov

Photo By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc