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The Green Room before the show, L to R top: Terry LaBoit, Alex Rybeck, Dick Miller, Jim Brochu, Mary Callanan, Billy Stritch, Melissa Erico; L to R bottom: DO40 prez John Sefakis, Pamela Myers, Roastee Lee Roy Reams, Judy Kaye and our "pit crew," Scott Raneri and Areis Evans (not pictured, Penny Fuller)


Community, Family, Community, Family. That's what it was. That's what we do. Bringing together the mature artistic community to celebrate our History, Our Legacy and Our Lives. And Monday, April 1st was no joke! Well, it was FILLED with them, that’s for sure with our Roast of DO40 member Lee Roy Reams at 54 Below! As director and host Jim Brochu mentioned, it was more of a stir-fry than a roast, but zingers were flying, nevertheless! Broadway Supastar Lee Roy Reams was escorted by two skimpily clad men to his elevated table stage right to view – and comment on – the spectacle as it unfolded! Saucy songs and patter was delivered by Billy Stritch, Melissa Errico (even though she didn’t mean to!), Penny Fuller, Judy Kaye and Pamela Myers, with additional commentary by Dick Miller and Alex Rybeck.

Our Roastee being delivered to his table by DO40 member Scott Raneri and under 40 DO40 friend Areis Evans.

And, of course, you couldn’t keep a good man down at his table! La Reams is always one for the quick retort, the inside scoop and bawdy story to “enhance” the evening’s hilarity. A spirited auction took place with two ladies bidding for a chance to have drinks with Lee Roy at Sardi’s – and they were both so invested that we gave them BOTH the honors! So, you could say, DO40 was acting as his, ah, “manager” (a nicer word than pimp! LOLOL) to benefit DO40 to the tune of $1600.00! Not a cheap date! DO40 prez John Sefakis introduced a short minute clip that was a touching moment near the end of the show – a wonderful impromptu dance by Lee Roy and his Cincinnati dance buddy Harvey Evans from our 2012 DO40 Legacy Awards that warmed the cockles of everyone’s heart!

The gorgeous Melissa Errico

Speaking with DO40 member Candy Brown after the show (CHICAGO, PIPPIN, LIZA WITH A Z) which she streamed live to Colorado, it was clear how a community – and family – grows on the Great … Way! Without realizing it, by chronicling how she knew Lee Roy, she plotted out how she grew her theatrical family during Applause (where she and Lee roy were never in the same company!). Candy met people like Christopher Chadman, Sammy Williams, Ed Nolfi and Albert Stevenson for the first time, among others. Although shows would open and close, the bond between the performers continued. And that's what DO40 is here for - to continue to reunify relationships and grow new ones from the next generation.

Lee Roy's APPLAUSE cast mate Penny Fuller bringing down the house!

And in the room, a gaggle of DO40 members, including Zeigfeld and Latin Quarter Girl Darlene Larson, Diane Nicole, the “Flying Mariano Sisters,” (as we call them!) Patti and JoAnn, Joe Ahumada, Josh Ellis, Karen Baker and hubby Greg Kayne, Kathy Conry, Linda Rose Iennaco, Virginia Seidel, DO40 board members Loni Ackerman, Patrick McCarthy, Leni Anders, Sharon Wendrow, Sasha Spielvogel, Ken Bloom, Lawrence Leritz, Bobby Heglin-Taylor and the last of the founding members, Eileen Casey, as well as many members who streamed the event (added last week!), Sharla Herbert, Michon Peacock, Cheryl Clark, Christine Colby-Jacques, and a few of our European members and from Austrialia, member Tony Sheldon (we couldn’t see all their names on the monitor!)

The wonderful and color-coordinated Judy Kaye!

There's a quote from an old Angela Lansbury movie, "Something for Everyone," where she laments, "Children have no history..." And it could apply to the next gen on Broadway, who haven't yet understood the bonds that bind Community and Family and how important it is to pay it forward. And that is why we need you, the public, and the Broadway Theater and Dance Communities, to join DO40, whether you are Over or Under 40, whether you are a dancer or not, to help us continue our mission, grow and pay it forward to the next generation.

And a great review from TheaterWOW writer Jim McDermott here on this link:

Long time pal and Cincinatti buddy Pamela Myers

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DO40’s 60th Anniversary of West Side Story, 2017, with Liane Plane, Carol Lawrence, Ronnie Lee, Chita, Tony Mordente and Marilyn D’honau

"I always said the one position I do not want to die in is plié, because that is not pretty." DO40 Advisory Board member Chita Rivera died Tuesday, January 30th, 2024 after a brief illness, according to her daughter, Lisa Mordente. The quote above was one of Chita’s opening remarks when she received the 2013 DO40 Legacy Award at LIPS Restaurant. There will be articles, testimonials, remembrances from so many famous people honoring her life, but it is the dancers she worked with side-by-side and who eventually provided back-up for her in her shows, that meant the most to her and feel the loss most deeply.

Chita participated in DO40 events from the moment she joined the board back in 2008, with our Jack Cole event at Symphony Space with dance greats Marge Champion, Alan Johnson and George and Ethel Martin, then on to our Peter Gennaro panel at St. Luke’s Theater, where she discussed Peter’s choreographic involvement in West Side Story with Peter’s daughter, Liza, Carol Lawrence and WSS dancer and DO40 Legend Harvey Evans. She then participated in the DO40 CARES 2012 dance concert at the Alvin Ailey Citigroup Theater which reunited her with her Cell Block Tango ladies from CHICAGO, including DO40 members Cheryl Clark, Michon Peacock, Candy Brown and Fosse dancer for decades, Richard Korthaze (a long time DO40 board member until his death last year). DO40 also produced the 60th anniversary of West Side Story at a sold-out St. Luke’s theater. Many of them are now gone, including David Winters, Martin Charnin, and her lovable sidekick and long-time Bernardo (from WSS), George (Georgie Porgie) Marcy. The last time we saw her perform was August, 2023 in Cherry Grove, Fire Island at the Ice Palace to a sold-out crowd of gay men and women.

She had an optimism about life, and an uncompromising love for everything dance. She was the last living legend of the Golden Age of Broadway. Dancers Over 40 is here to protect, promote and to save the History, Legacy and Lives of not only a legend like Chita, but all of the amazing creative talents in DO40 – all preserved in the videos of our events at the Jerome Robbins Dance Collection at the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts. We urge dancers and friends of dancers (over or under 40!) to join DO40 to help us continue our mission. The next generation needs to be acknowledged – and documented.

We send our love and jetés to her daughter, Lisa Mordente and Chita’s long-time assistant, Rosie Bentinck. They will also carry on Chita’s legacy. And it will continue through the many organizations and charities that she supported over the years. Right now, Gwen and Bob are waiting for her to perform one more Hot Honey Rag….

“If I ever came back again I would most definitely want to come back as a dancer. The fact that Dancers over 40 allows dancers to continue their passion is something that is a blessing. And we’re very, very, very grateful for that.” – Chita Rivera

Advisory Board Member Chita Rivera accepting her 2013 DO40 Legacy Award
at LIPS restaurant.


The entire cast of characters! Our Legacy Award Honorees, Jean Preece, Joanna Rush, Jill Cook, Joe Ahumada and for Gene Foote, Michael Bunch along with host Michael Musto, DO40 president John Sefakis and our talent for the evening, Yasmin, Egypt and Bootsie Lefaris!

This was one of the best, most entertaining and heartwarming DO40 Legacy Awards ever! And DO40 has been producing these for 15 years! The honorees, Joe Ahumada, Jill Cook, Gene Foote, Jean Preece and Joanna Rush, all deserving and diverse in their talents, brought their friends and families (and theater families, as well) to celebrate their lives both on and off stage. And the performing talent! Egypt/Rovin D. Sena, Yasmin Delano/Ovidio Luis Ortiz and Bootsie Lefaris/Justin Keller were phenomenal and had the audience cheering and crying at the same time. They performed numbers from CHICAGO/Hot Honey Rag, FUNNY GIRL and a medley of I want to be a Rockette and A CHORUS LINE– all in honor of our awardees and ALL the audience members in attendance who have performed in those shows over the years.

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The FINAL SIX!! Bowlers John Sefakis, Gayle Stahlhuth, Ken Bloom, Mary McCatty, Alan Onickel and Patrick McCarthy



We’ve had a BLAST with the Broadway Show Bowling League this Fall. It's been every Thursday from August 31 st through December 14th! A long run! Hard to get members to stay up that late, but hey, most of you were there “in the day!” Matter of fact DO40 friend and producer Ed Gaynes and his wife Pamela Hall were the 1973 bowling WINNAHS (we asked them to come and help but they said it was after their bedtime now)! 

Thanks to our all our participants over the past four months who have trekked to the Port Authority/Hell’s Kitchen and 9 th Avenue to form our Sassy Splits team: Alan Onickel, Mary McCatty, Christine Lemme, John Sefakis, Fran Sperling, Sara Odze, Lawrence Leritz, Ken Bloom, Gayle Stahlhuth, DJ Salsbury, Patrick McCarthy, Bernie Stote, Domenic Henriquez, team leaders Loni Ackerman and Bobby Hedglin- Taylor and cheerleaders Leni Anders and Sharon Wendrow. Everyone got great t- shirts and had good food each week! It was great meeting people from the League, and getting to know cast and crews! We WERE nominated for 2023 Mx. Congeniality, the only team to be nominated (against single bowlers from the Broadway shows). We didn’t win, a member of the huge team of SOME LIKE IT HOT took the crown. But we were up there and got known around the lanes, as they say! And we didn’t finish LAST as a team – or next to last, either! We beat ALADDIN, A BEAUTIFUL NOISE and Circle in the Square to end up 2 th out of 28 teams. And one of our members came in 5 nd (I won’t say whom, as to not discourage our other team members!) out of 405 bowlers! Well, a HUGE handicap helped! (Who knew it was like golf?!?!?!?) 

Thanks to all of our members and friends who joined us in this sporty event! We would LOVE to continue with the League’s Spring Season, but unfortunately, our DO40 budget is unable to come up with an additional $3,000.00 in lane and food costs. If there is a Bowling Benefactor out there, contact ASAP!

Whatta team! Bobby Hedglin-Taylor, Fran Sperling Sara Odze, DO40 prez John Sefakis, Sharon Wendrow, Lawrence Leritz, Ken Bloom, Loni Ackerman and Leni Anders.

Sara Odze, Fran Sperling and Loni Ackerman celebrating a STRIKE!

Come join us and get a Sassy Splits t-shirt! DO40 board members Lawrence Leritz and Leni Anders look on as DO40 prez John Sefakis models the new, spiffy Sassy Splits t-shirt!

Week Two with Bobby Hedglin-Taylor, Gayle Stahlhuth, Loni Ackerman, John Sefakis, Domenic Henriquez and DJ Salsbury

Week Three with John Sefakis, Bobby Hedglin-Taylor, Bradley Rogers Loni Ackerman, Sharon Wendrow and Ken Bloom