DO40 Mourns the Loss of Margery Beddow

Margery Beddow with Daughter Pamela Saunders
at our 2009 DO40 Legacy Awards

The warm, wonderful Margery Beddow died on January 3, 2010 but many of us had a chance to see her big smile and connect with her for the last time when she was awarded our first DO40 Legacy Award at our annual Holiday party in December. Margery was a choreographer, performer, director and published author.

People may remember her most recently at the 2008 Oscars presentation, in the reprisal of Disney's "Enchanted." She had performed in both the original "The Producers" with Zero Mostel as well as the more recent: "Producers - the Musical" with Nathan Lane. She was Reba in the film " Waltzing Anna" and was also in the TV film "Legs," starring Gwen Verdon. Last year Marge performed as the Dancing Teacher in the Catholic School, in the film "Doubt," starring Meryl Streep.

Some of Marge's other appearances include seven Bob Fosse musicals, ten Broadway shows and many major roles on tour and Off-Broadway. She also wrote the book, "Bob Fosse's Broadway."

She more recently directed and staged a show at Town Hall called "Broadway by the Year," as well as a show for the Lyric and Lyricists organization: "Noel Coward and his Ladies," starring Steve Ross. Please go to www.margerybeddow.com or post on DO40's FACEBOOK page to share sentiments with fellow dancers about this remarkable lady.


Photo By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc