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DO40 Members Hit the Big Time and Perform at the 80th Annual Academy Awards -- Seen by Billions!

Academy Awards

(l to r) DO40 Members Nicole Barth, Board Member Harvey Evans
and Marge Beddow (r) with Kristin Chenoweth

With all the excitement of the Oscars, it was tough for DO40 member Nicole Barth to come back and concentrate on (1) work and (2) the Gower Champion panel! Hopefully, we’ll have recollections from these talented people soon, but right now they’re all just damn pooped from all these activities! A week and a half in L.A. to rehearse their Disney number from Enchanted, in which they were featured (the Central Park musical number, recreated at the Oscars) and then back to NYC for Gower and all the press and hub-bub that ensued! This shows to go ya, folks, keep at it! There’s always the 81st Annual Academy Awards!


Photo By Jeff Eason, Wilsonmodels, Inc